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MFs trend big time on Google search
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A report by the BCG and AMFI titled ‘Unlocking the 100 lakh crore opportunity’ shows that google search for mutual funds and MF related queries such as SIP, SIP calculator and how to invest in mutual funds went up significantly over the last three years i.e. between 2015 and 2018.

The report said that Google search trends indicate that top keyword searches are often focused on tools and calculators to understand MF investment.

Out of the total monthly search volumes related to mutual funds, B15 cities accounted for 38% in 2018. It was just 11% in 2015. Further, most of these searches were done from mobile devices.

The report said, “This growth is more concentrated in mobile-based devices rather than desk-tops. For instance, 70% and 62% of online searches for SIP in B15 and T15 towns respectively were through mobile

Since most searches were related to tools and calculators, the report recommended introduction of such facilities on AMC and distributors websites. “Digital should be leveraged not only as a sourcing channel but also for providing tools and calculators required by different customer segments to make choices as well as analyze their portfolio performance. Such platforms could be one way of engaging with investors continuously,” the report said.
The report suggested that going ahead, automation will enable not only better turnaround times and reduce errors but also enable the RTAs to service the increasing investor base without a proportionate increase in headcount and hence costs.

Here is the list of top keyword searches on Google

Source : Cafe Mutual back